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About The Book

In "The Labradoodle Who Lost His Doodle" Joey, a popular dog with a trendy fashion blog, excitedly prepares to host his school's fashion show. As a Labradoodle, Joey is part-Labrador and part-poodle–with the poodle part of him being his hip, curly-looking doodle on top of his head! But, one morning, Joey awakes to find he has grown quite a bit and that most of his fur is gone–his doodle included! While Joey struggles with his self-consciousness, worrying that his fans and friends won't like him without his trendy hairstyle, Joey's Ma helps him learn that Labradoodles are much more than just a trendy breed. 

With beautiful, original illustrations by the incredibly talented Sharon Teuscher, my debut children's book is packed with fun, fashion, dog puns and lots of words that rhyme with 'doodle!' You better believe this book is filled with something for everyone–adults, children and pets included!

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